Our discussion theme in June, 2015 on Family launched us into deeper discussions of our role and responsibilities in God’s Family.This month, we are taking a much deeper look into those responsibilities as we examine the theme, Kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God is about the reign and rule of our God, wherever and whenever – on earth or in heaven. Nicodemus asked Jesus one of the most important questions of our life time – How can I be part of God’s kingdom? (John 3:3). A question that all mankind should all have asked atleast once through our lives. Jesus’ teachings on the kingdom of God is a key theme of His ministry, He told seven parables about the Kingdom among many other references on teaching on God’s Kingdom.

According to scriptures, there are only two kingdoms; God’s and the Devil’s. In His sermon on the mount in Matthew 6:33, Jesus highlighted the need for our citizenship of God’s kingdom to remain foremost on our minds. He stated “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

This signifies that everything is centered on submitting to God’s reign here on earth and also for the rest of eternity. The Kingdom of God is within you, Jesus proclaimed. The kingdom of God is Jesus revealed in us. Is God reigning in your affairs? Yes, Jesus’ second coming is soon and coming for His own. Where do you belong?

You are blessed!