‘Vessels of Gold’ is the ladies ministry of Overcomers Assembly. We reach out to ladies of all ages in the church and around. God made the world and saw that it was beautiful then He made man but there was still some kind of emptiness, a missing link. Then He made the woman. The world today is changing so fast and the truth about God’s love is fading from the feminine minds. However, God is looking for ways to reach His daughters, He is looking for those ladies that will strive to know and accept whom they are in God and confidently be that.

Every woman is fearfully and wonderfully made, mostly possessing the desires and ability to nurture life in children, be loved, and beautify her environment and many more abilities. No matter what your story has been, you can be a shining vessel in the hands of God. Vessels of gold ministry provides today’s woman with the tools to grow, reach new Spiritual heights and achieve emotional balance in order to become the beautiful woman that God has in mind.

Our fellowship aims to meet the needs of its members and friends all in different facet of a woman’s life (the joy and the pain). Including but not limited to the stay at home moms, the single moms, the single girls, the professionals, the business women, the soccer moms and the wonderful widows around us.
Our main event is the Vessels of Gold Conference. This is an annual ladies conference on the first weekend in May of every year. We also meet every month to study the bible, chat, pray and for occasional girls’ time out.

Montreal Leadership Team
Coordinator: Lydie K.
Assistant: Rose W.

Kingston Leadership Team

Coordinator: Open!


  • Help each other grow in the knowledge of God.
  • Get to know each other better to build strong friendships

Meeting time: Every last Saturday of the month from 11am to 1pm.

Meeting place: Personal home (on a rotational basis)

Contact information: +1-514-510-4215 or womens@iamanovercomer.org