In the simplest form, to ‘Retreat’ means ‘to withdraw’.  In the Christian understanding; having a retreat refers to the conscious act of withdrawing from the normal life and setting a time to focus on God  as we examine our lives; plan and re-evaluate our purpose, and set-goals.  At Overcomers Assembly, retreats are part of our tradition. We have consciously set aside two (2) weekends during the year, in January and in September to have the corporate retreats. This means that as a church, we leave the hustles and bustles of life to spend quality time in a  quiet place, our minds focused on God.  We step aside from the normal routine, often filled with the noise and pressures of our social and domestic responsibilities. We purpose to seek the heart of God.


At the retreats, we spend quality time reading our bibles, in prayer, listening to spiritual messages, and sharing in groups. We also spend significant time alone, meditating and planning. The goal is to be as fully present as we can be to God, to ourselves and to the moment – so that in keeping company with God, we can maximize on His wisdom and guidance in our lives  – career, family and spiritual walk. These retreat opportunities are priceless.  All church members are welcome.

Winter Retreat Dates:

Dates: Friday, January 8 to Sunday, January 10

Location: NAV Centre,

Step 1: register  your attendance. Your early registration will help us to make the necessary planning arrangements such as transportation, catering and printing of Retreat materials.

Step 2: Make your own room accommodation. Members are expected to take care of their own room accommodation. Click here to book your accommodation.


  1. $99 per night for one room (1) Queen -size bed |Room ideal for 2 people or less.
  2. $129 per night for a room with 2 double beds and a pull-out sofa| Room ideal for 3 people or less. For every extra person, there is a charge of $10.

Students: Accommodation of current students will be subsidized. Students are expected to pay $75 each. In order for your accommodation to be subsidized, registration fee must be received by Thursday December 24. Payable by cash or cheque addressed to Overcomers Assembly. (Memo: Fall Retreat.)

Additional Costs: Childcare Services: $30 per child aged one(1) year and over.

The retreat program/agenda  will be e-mailed to registered members prior to the  departure on Friday, January 8