Jesus Christ: We believe that Jesus Christ is God’s answer to the human question. That Jesus is God with us. We believe that through Christ, we are restored to a loving and powerful relationship with God. We believe that a revelation of Jesus would transform anyone and so we are always excited to introduce Jesus to everyone we meet. We believe that the life of Jesus reveals how humans were created to operate and how much God loves us.

Holy Spirit: We believe that God lives in us through the Holy Spirit, empowering, guiding and teaching us to be the best that God wants us to be. We believe that through the Holy Spirit’s power, we can live like Jesus Christ, love like Jesus and operate in divine power like Jesus.

God: We believe that God is the one behind the existence of all things. We believe that God is unsearchable, indescribable, all-powerful, ever faithful, loving, merciful and completely beyond human comprehension.