Ade Sobanjo – Senior Pastor

Pastor Ade Sobanjo, has always known that God has a call on his life and over the years, He has confirmed his ministry through growth and answer to prayer. Ade has been actively involved in the church since he committed his life to Christ at the age of 8. He served in the Christian fellowships of all the schools he attended.

Ade, as we fondly call him, started his ministry in high school at the Federal Government College, Minna, Nigeria. He served as a chorister and evangelism director of the school’s Christian Fellowship. He was the follow-up secretary of the Evangelical Christian Union at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) back in 1995. During this time, he taught the basic tenets of Christian faith to new believers and first-year students. He also served at the Concordia Christian Fellowship while studying at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.

Pastor Ade trained as a Christian worker at the Foursquare Gospel Church, where he served as a Sunday school teacher and youth minister to high school students in the Lagos State of Nigeria. Before initiating the first branch of Overcomers Assembly, Ade served as the youth pastor at the Redemption Bible Church in Montreal and the family there still loves him.

Pastor Ade has a master’s degree in electrical engineering, a post-graduate diploma in computer science, and a BA in Theology.  He was the president of DemsTech Inc., an IT company he founded prior to starting the ministry. He is also a partner at the Afropages Magazine publishing company – another of his start-up businesses.

Pastor Ade has a passion for fostering the youth. He loves to nurture and develop leadership skills in people–to help them identify their gifts and to discover their calling in life. He is known for his fervent and engaging delivery of the Word of God. He also hosts a personal blog where he shares his life and key lessons on his Christian Journey. You can get a copy of his book titled “You can be like Jesus” on his website or subscribe to his weekly podcast for Christian workers in the secular world.

Pastor Ade is married to Oluwaseun (Olu) Sobanjo, and together, are blessed with two sons, Demi and Dami Sobanjo.


Olu Sobanjo – Senior Pastor

Pastor Olu Sobanjo, has been involved in the Christian walk and ministry throughout her adult life. She has served alongside her husband, Ade, since the founding of Overcomers Assembly. She is a frank speaker and often draws from her background in accounting and finance to complement her husband’s work in the ministry.  She serves as the senior pastor of Overcomers Assembly, and is the founder of the Vessels of Grace Conference (VGC), formerly Vessels of Gold Conference, held annually, since May of 2007.

In her walk with the Lord, Pastor Olu, has encountered the transforming power of God’s love, which changed her from the inside out. As a result, she diverted her focus from pursuing superficial activities to seeking God–she has discovered the joy of being God’s own daughter through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

She is a passionate teacher of the Word of God—she enjoys encouraging ladies to go deeper into their relationship with God, to enjoy the rest, joy, and victory that comes with knowing and walking with Him.

In 2012, Pastor Olu, surrendered to God’s calling and resigned from her five-year career in financial planning to pursue full-time pastoral duties at the Overcomers Assembly.