Overcomers Assembly is a non-denominational church with an evangelical outlook. Here, everyone is welcome to find God’s love, inspiration and peace. Our worship services and community programs encourage parishioners to nurture a close relationship with God, inspired by the Holy Spirit. We aspire to be a family of believers. Our lives are wholly devoted to God, and we are ready to impact the communities and cities we live in.

Overcomers Assembly started as a prayer meeting in the living room of our founding and senior Pastor Ade Sobanjo, and his wife, Olu Sobanjo. The first public service was held in Montreal on July 10, 2005. Since then, the church has become a home and family to many. We now have five branches across the world: three branches in Montreal (Quebec), one in Kingston (Ontario), and one in Kuje (Nigeria).

Our vision is to raise a generation of Christians who live by faith and not by sight: people who will do great exploits through Jesus Christ, and showcase God’s faithfulness and love to all mankind. Our vision is closely inspired by Daniel 11:32 (KJV) “…But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”

We are a cell based church. Our cells (life-groups) serve as the cornerstone of our church family. Every week, members gather to share the word of God, and to strengthen one another through prayer and fellowship. The meetings provide a valuable platform for members to be encouraged, trained, and nurtured.

Our goal is to reach out to everyone: Christians and non-Christians, and to people teetering on the edge pondering whether God exists. We want everyone to know that He does exist, and His love has an impact on people’s lives today. We seek to showcase that love through our own lives—loving one another as Christ loves, and sharing the gospel of grace to those around us.